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Giving Societies

Founders' Circle ($50,000+)

Kerri '75 and Richard Bartlett

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Lucinda Gibson '68 +

Ann '63 and Johnny Johnson

Susan Peak '68 and Dan Minor

Becca Stimson '73 and Tom Jenkins

Board Chair's Circle ($25,000 to $49,999)

Anonymous (2)

Bailey '06 and Jonathon Bullard

J Squared Family Foundation

Butch and Olan Mills

Jack Milne

Schwab Charitable

Gloria '72 and Randy Smith

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Generosity Trust

Lara and Austin Watson

Clay Watson

Willard and Ruth Johnson Charitable Foundation


Trustees' Circle ($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous (4)

Corinne '69 and Jeff Adams

David Anderson

Gregory Anderson

Anita & Julian Saul Foundation, Inc.

Amy and Ted Arrowsmith

BEB Real Estate, LLC

Anne '78 and George Bright

Susan '63 and Mike Brooks

Laura '03 and Andy Calloway

Laurel Carney '79 and Dave Cameron

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Christine '09 and Jac Cooper

Megan and Ted Cover

Ashley '97 and Ward Davenport

Dugan Davis '50 +

Dickes Porter Family Charitable Foundation

Ali and Chris Gant

GPS Parent Council

Goldman Sachs Gives

Jennifer and Casey Hammontree

Aimee '93 and Brad Harvey

Terri and Craig Holley

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Margaret Jan '87 and Alex Chi

Jane and Lowry Kline

Jennifer and Will Kline

Kubota of Chattanooga

Rebecca and Todd Levin

Mary Claire '13 and Ray McLagan

Fontaine Moore '61 +

Mountain View Auto Group

Lina and Janak Naik

Andrea Nosbusch '00

Mufti Phillips

Cathy and Scott Pierce

Marcy Porter

Anita and Julian Saul

Chris '72 and Trip Smith

Caroline Spann '15

Corinne Spann '18

Stacey and John Spann

The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program

The Hacker and Kitty Caldwell Family Foundation, Inc.

Amy and Jamie Thomas

Ellis '05 and Stephen Thomas


Jan and Ben Vance

Vanguard Charitable

Dori '99 and Blake Waller

Debbie and David Watson

Karen and Miller Welborn

Weldon F. Osborne Foundation, Inc.



Head of School's Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

Stewart Anderson '73

Caroline '83 and Larry Bentley

Julie Brandao '84

Sherri and Jeff Burns

Betsy '98 and Ben Cake

Charlotte Caldwell '01

Margaret Cate '49

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc.

Joanne and Allen Coffman

Rachel '96 and Brian Cohen

Nini '77 and Elliott Davenport

Susan '69 and Joe Davenport

Gretchen and Jason Davis

Stacy and Kyle Eiselstein

Marilyn and Terry Evans

First Horizon Bank

Joan '60 and Dan Frierson

Drew Haskins

Lynn Hodge '64

Marian '85 and Mike Hoffman

Carolyn Jackson '61

Jenny and Hamp Johnston

Pat Knox-Hudson '54

Liberty Lander '94

Laura Leach '69 and Rich Lawrence

Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

Maria '75 and Dennis Matthews

Chamberlain McAllester +

Robert McAllester +

Georgia '73 and John McCravey

Allison '88 and Kincaid Mills

Cannon '69 and Rick Montague

Lisa and Tom Moore

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Suzanne and Glenn Morris

Hilda '72 and Lee Murray

National Philanthropic Trust

Kate '95 and Lindsay Nevin

Margy Oehmig '72

Phaltless, Inc.

Missy Phillips '66 +

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Kathryn '12 and Colby Rachor

Michelle Ruest and Dick Gossett

Michelle and Jimmy Scotchie

Frances Smith '48

Cindy Stone '82

The Daniel Ashley & Irene Houston Jewell Memorial Foundation

Truist Bank

1906 Circle ($1,906 to $4,999)

Anonymous (2)

Kris Ames '92

Athena Esoterix

Danna Bailey '89

Meg '87 and Steve Bandy

BBC Foundation

Elizabeth '89 and Brian Black

Box 1, Inc.

Sheila and Dane Boyington

Meredith '08 and Jeremy Bradford

Carter '96 and Glenn Breazeale

Brian Songer Dentistry

Charlie Brock

Karen '72 and Richard Burns

Anne '96 and Trey Carr

James Cassetty

Celeste Center '86

Shelton '00 and Patrick Chambers

Charities Aid Foundation

Chattanooga Allergy Clinic

Angie '78 and Pat Conroy

Jackie and Steve Cook

Meg and Jeremy Coylewright

Sally '76 and Ward Crimmins

Maddie '12 and Matthew Crownover

Daelansa Foundation

Margaret '93 and Chris Dean

Katie Dorris '10

Wendy and Tony Elrod

Ann '92 and Jason Farmer

Rachel '94 and Christopher Farris

Sally and Buddy Faulkner

Elizabeth '94 and Steven Forrester

Judy and Duffy Franck

Lizzer '77 and Scott Graham

Susan '82 and John Mark Griffin

Grogg Family Foundation

Amy Grogg

Keaghan Hahn

Amber '86 and Tom Hamby

Carolyn and Ray Harlin

Alice '03 and Jim Harris

Pat Hobbs

Amanda '97 and Keith Jackson

JDH Company Inc.

K :: A Boutique by Katherine Roberts

Robin '87 and Don Keef

Kay Kendall '62 and Jack Davies

Key Bonding Company

Charles Key

Carol Killebrew '79 and Tony Meyers

Judy '65 and Dick Klima

LBMC Employment Partners

Kim and Todd Leffew

Colleen and Thomas Mann

McGriff Insurance Services

Anita '58 and Sam Michaels

Miller & Martin LLP

Amanda '94 and Aon Miller

Shelby '72 and Carrington Montague

Beth '79 and Ryan Murphy

Oracle Wealth Management

Patty & Young, Attorneys at Law

Amiya Phade '27

Anisha Phade '23

Kim '89 and Dan Pratt

QualityPRO Power Washing

Katherine R. Burger '86 and Rig Burger

Robert L. & Kathrina H. Maclellan Foundation/Matching Gifts

Rachel Savage and Don Ritzhaupt

Jessica and Jeff Scotchie

Natalie and Brian Songer

SquareOne Real Estate

Sarah and Jamey Steffner

Laura '72 and Thorny Strang

Mary Tanner

Sissy '66 and Lex Tarumianz

Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

The US Charitable Gift Trust

Johnny Thornton

Trucks 'N Trailers USA

Greg Vital

Sunny '71 and Richard Wagner

Walden Security

Martha Waters

Mary '74 and Tom Watson

Debbie '79 and Carter Young

Mandy and Chad Young

Centennial Club ($1,000 to $1,905)

Anonymous (1)

Allstate Matching Gifts - The Giving Campaign

AM Investment Strategies, LLC

Ambrosetti Construction, LLC

Dawn and Todd Anderson

Marjorie '61 and James Anderson

Susan Ashley '07

Susan '72 and Tom Baird

Lee '81 and Ross Ballenger

Emily '98 and Tim Bandeen

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Sandy and David Barnes

Battle Family Foundation, Inc.

Betsy Battle '72

Nancy and Charles Belin

Hazel '77 and Mitchell Bell

Elizabeth Berman-Lovell '94 and Martyn Lovell

Sarah '96 and Matt Bernard

Lauren and Peter Boehm

Priya Boyington '07 and Tushar Gupta

Dottie '65 and Frank Brock

Carol Browder '52

Karen '67 and Tom Buckner

Anne '05 and Brian Burley

Penny and Robin Burruss

Beth and Teddy Caldwell

Sheri and Jeff Carmichael

Allison '89 and Jay Carroll

Jane Carter '74 and Thomas Dickinson

Merry Lynn '72 and Charles Cato

Marilyn '58 and Mort Center

Sara '78 and Keith Chambless

Mary Cherry

Amita '01 and Nitin Chhabra

CIGNA Healthcare Ins.

Courtney '87 and Brad Cobb

Denise and Rob Collins

Communities Of Coastal Georgia Foundation

Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

Coughlin '88 and Jed Cooper

Tammy and Steve Cox

Kelby Crownover '14

Susan '81 and John Davenport

Heather and Joe DeGaetano

Vickie and Jim Dorris

Jane Dowden '58

George Edwards

Elder's Ace Hardware

Christi and Joe Feeney

Dion '91 and John Flynn

Fowler Brothers Co. Home & Patio

Carter Fowler

Cindy and David Garvey

Leah Gerbitz '87

Mary '94 and Scott Grant

Linda '73 and Doug Graydon

Blaes '03 and Matt Green

Keating Griffiss '56

Lillian Hammond '05

Marian Harris '55

Hazel Montague Hutcheson Foundation

Joan '55 and Barry Heywood

Jill and Jeremy Higdon

Jamie Holstine '08

L. J. '54 and Bob Huffaker

Husch Blackwell LLP

Kay Hutcheson '79

IBM Corporation - Matching Grants Program

Esther and Robert Isenberg

Sarah Isenberg and Paul Sarkis

Sarah '06 and Chris Jackson

Jacobs Paper Co.

Johnson Charitable Gift Fund

Hailey Johnston '06 and Andrew Hetzler

Eunice and Carlos Kal

Kal's International, LLC

Betsey '97 and Tom Kates

Cindy '01 and Andrew Kean

Karen Kendall '74

Cyndi and Nick King

Karen '61 and Ted Kromer

Shannon Lanier

Emily Lilley '03

Sally and Bill Lockett

Pamela and Brian Lockhart

Carolyn Louden

Liz '05 and Ryan Lucia

Alicia '78 and Bill Manning

Julie and Kevin McGee

Susie and Scott McGinness

Claire '87 and Wyatt McVay

Peggy Michaels

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Jennifer and Jay Mills

Steve Mitchell

Donna and Marshal Mize

Barbara Moore '50

Amy '01 and Jeff Mullins

Shelley and Ben Nadeau

Sue and John Nash

Jane and David Neall

Sarah Kate Neall '06

Tisha and Greg Noll

Noon Management, LLC

Ashley '99 and Robert Palmer

PB&Jam Inc

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Chattanooga

Shannon Pitner '72

Betsy Pollinger '71

Presley Law Firm

Kristy and Buddy Presley

Laura '08 and William Probasco

Janice and Dan Provine

Jill and Marcus Rafiee

Anne '65 and Millard Ramsey +

Raymond James Charitable

Allison Rhodes '07

Lauren '03 and Grantland Rice

Leanne and Eddie Rodgers

Anne '68 and Gabriel Rouquie

Margie and Charlie Rowland

RSS Insurance

Nancy Rucker '86

Lorie '81 and Bill Runge

Camie Ryan '77

SAGE Dining Services, Inc., Inc.

Julia Schaffeld '02

Julie and Kurt Schmissrauter

Penny and Kenny Sholl

Melonie and Steven Smith

Steam Logistics

Lane '87 and Anthony Steele


Betty '64 and Kory Teoman

T.U. Parks Construction Co.

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Book & Cover

Meg '99 and Charles Torrence

Vanessa and Madison Torrence

Tremont Tavern

Tri-State Roofing Contractors, LLC

Courtney '95 and William Valentine

Sarah '08 and Joel Varnedoe

Jennifer Vickery '88 and Patrick Frisch

Penny and Jeff Wade

Dr. and Mrs. R. Kirk Walker, Jr.

Emily '92 and Matthew Warke

Wealth Preservation Advisors

Mary '68 and Lex Williamson

Angie '88 and Gary Wood

Frances Zwenig '63

Donor ($1 to $999)

Anonymous (18)

Abbott Laboratories

Bailey '14 and Blake Abbott

Carol Adams

Libba '68 and Charles Adams

Porche' '07 and Jarrod Adams

Rachel and Bailey Adams

Wanda and Don Adams

Shelby and Paul Adcock

Sarah and Kevin Ade

Sandra and Gabriel Affare

Abbas and Gulsanga Agha

Ann '69 and William Aiken

Beth Aiken '73

Betsy '06 and James Akins

Johanne Albright '61

Larry Alexander

Sydney Alexander '91

Joy Allen-Altimare '95 and Frank Altimare

Deanna '95 and Kenny Allen

Gracie Allen '10

Becca '07 and Cory Allen

Caroline '00 and Joshua Allison

Gale '70 and Keith Allison

Cappie Alverson Fay '77 and Tim Fay

Brent Alverson

Amazon Smile Foundation

Holly '87 and Chase Ambler

Bonnie '87 and Henry Anderson

Emily Anderson '16

Julia Anderson '72

Sarah Whitney Anderson '12

Eric Andreae

Katie and Paul Archambault

Andy Arick

Becky and David Armstrong

Cathy Arnold '77

Mary Margaret Arrowsmith '18

Ginny '60 and Alan Arthur

Maurielle Artis '12

Mary Jo '81 and Blair Ashcraft

Nancy Auer '61

Lucena and Tom Ault

Stephanie and Stephen Austin

Ashley Averett '95

Linda and Ed Averett

Diana '82 and Lee Ayers

Gray '87 and Mick Bagby

Karen Baker-Curtis '87 and Tippy Curtis

Anna and Frank Baker

Happy Baker '67 and Joe Martin

Hannah and Tommy Baker

Mary and Marc Bales

Meredith Ballew

Gracyn '05 and Alan Bancroft

Finley Bandy '12

Diana Banks '71 and Richard Lemons

Tammy '83 and Jim Barber

Laura Barefoot '83

Cathy and Muecke Barker

Kristy Barnes Le '89 and Tri Le

Joan Barnes

Jane '68 and Edward Barnhill

Maggie '97 and Jamie Barrie

Caitlin Barringer '06

Julie Barringer

Amy and Jeff Barry

Claire Bartlett '08

Paul Bartlett

Sue and Billy Bartlett

Caroline Bartusch '55

Dana '72 and Richard Battaglia

Nancy '77 and David Battles

Sheri Baucom '05

Cheryl and Joel Bautista

Cindy Beale

Steppie '72 and Ernest Beasley

Andrea Becksvoort

Mary Becton '95

Rowena Belcher '73

Holly Bell-Proshkin and Dmitriy Proshkin

Candace Bell

Whitney Bell '06

Joelly '88 and Peter Belman

Haleigh '05 and Trey Bennett

Laura '63 and John Bennett

Lisa '96 and Philip Bennett

Catherine and Bo Bentley

Liz and Ollie Benton

Brandi Berghorn '11

Lauren '98 and Ned Berkow

Leeann Bernier

Katy Berotti

Christine and Chris Bertani

Gwen and Sam Bertram

Katherine Betts '76

Autumn and Prameet Bhushan

Joan Bickerstaff '79

Ginger and Alex Birnbaum

Lee Bissinger

Roger Bisson

Bert '60 and Shelton Blackburn

Rachel '12 and Nick Blackmon

Beverly and Chris Blackwell

Marie '75 and Duncan Blair

Kerith Blakney

Lucy '09 and Jackson Blancett

Ann-Marie '86 and James Blentlinger

Angie and Jamie Blevins

Jessica Block '99 and Jay Ewart

Robert Block

Connie and Terry Blunt

Jacqueline Boals

Suzanne '76 and Park Bodie

Martina Boehmfeldt '83

Ann and Donald Bohne

Mandy '89 and Alex Bohner

Mary Cady '01 and Brian Bolin

Elaine and Bruce Boncutter

Mary Helen '87 and Tom Bondurant

Latoya and Omar Bonner

Angela Borras and Carlos Garcia

Tricia Borsch '77

Tonya '87 and Casey Botts

Deborah and Neal Bowersox

Kendall '06 and Andy Bowness

Danielle and Kyle Boyd

Liz '77 and John Boyles

Elizabeth Bracken

Wanda and Jeremy Bramblett

Jessica Bramlett '04

Katie Branch

Kelly and Warren Brandon

Gloria Brantly '51

Abbey and Michael Bratcher

Jasmine '09 and Steve Bravo-Brown

Beverly '63 and Henry Brewer

Bright Funds Foundation

Laura Catharine '95 and Lee Brittain

Kim and Marshall Brock

Meg '79 and Oscar Brock

Susu '74 and Paul Brock

Taylor Brock '12

Charlotte and Terry Bronze

Emily and Scott Bronze

Jo Brotton

Jennifer '92 and Michael Brousseau

Alison Brown '95

Deanna '02 and Stephen Brown

Emily '94 and Chapman Brown

Julie and Gary Brown

Marty Brown '69

Meredith '97 and Sullivan Brown

Katie Brown '16

Betsy '92 and Hugh Brown

Courtney Brunetz '92

Coralee Bryan

Caroline Bryant '12

Susan '05 and Kyle Bryant

Judy and Richard Buhrman

Julie and John Buhrman

Jenny Bullard

Christie and Brice Burbank

Carol and Herb Burhenn

Allison '07 and Andy Burk

Laura Burke

May '98 and Jeff Burke

Jayme Burnett '02

Burns and McDonnell Foundation Matching Gifts Fund

Carrie '97 and Allan Burns

Gayanne and Phillip Burns

Graham Walker Burns '57

Betsy Burton '77

Kamri '08 and Aj Busby

Barbara '67 and Peyton Bush

Carla '77 and Stuart Bush

Conlee '04 and Bo Butler

Debbie and John Butler

Amanda Byars '99

Mercie and Lane Byers

Carolyn '79 and John Cain

Gina '02 and Cam Caldwell

Margaret '91 and Winston Caldwell

Melanie and Andre’ Calloway

Caroline Campbell '07

Shelby '07 and Tom Campobasso

Maribel Campos

Blair '93 and Eddie Cannon

Grace Cannon '24

Meg Cannon '99 +

Capital Group

Charlotte '16 and Robert Carpenter

Martha and Chris Carpenter

Paula Carpenter

Grace '07 and Ian Carruthers

Mary Ann Casavant '00 and Scott Wilson

Terrie and John Castleman

Margaret Cate '90

Alex Cavitt '10

Trent Center

Emmy '57 and Frank Cerveny

Carrie Chambers '89 and Michael Dowlen

Susan '67 and Robert Chandler

Stacy Chapman '91

Christy Charman '77

Teddie Chastain '11

Chattanooga Area Swim League

Yvonne and Robert Chester

Betsy Christensen '74 and Harold Christensen

Cigna Foundation-Matching Gifts Foundation

Sarah Clardy

Julie '81 and Bruz Clark

Laura '91 and Jeff Clark

Libby '91 and Heath Clark

Class of 1961

Class of 1997

Mary Ann '82 and Fred Clelland

Amy Cloud

Michelle and Sean Coakley

Jennifer Cobb

Susan '90 and Pete Cobb

Carolyn Cofer '58

Anna Beth Coffman '21

Mary Grace Coffman '18

Katie '07 and Atalay Cokberkit

Noelle and Josh Coleman

Chloe '12 and Austin Coley

Christie Collins

Linda Collins

Susan Collins '67

Christie Colquitt '93

Linda and Rusty Colquitt

Tammy Combs

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

Margaret '90 and Jeffery Compton

Veatrice Conley

Allie Conn '09 and Michael Hart-Slattery

April Connell '98

Becky and John Connelly

Katie Conner

Stephanie Conners

Susan Conrad '01

Lycethia and Jonathan Cooper

Mae Cooper '02

Mary Sue Cooper '20

Taylor '10 and Andrew Cordeiro

Dianne and Jim Corn

Mitsy '75 and Mike Costello

Katye '92 and Adam Couch

Jane Cover

Kristin '97 and Derek Coverly

Anne '90 and Andrew Covington

Ralph Covino

Cowan Carroll Group, Inc.

Amber '99 and Ross Cowley

Glen Cox

Jeffrey '72 and Bill Crabbe

Catherine '74 and Robert Crabtree

Laura '02 and Boose Crahan

Darrington '75 and Doug Crane

Molly '94 and Taylor Crawford

Myra Creighton '81

Corbin '12 and Tim Crenshaw

Susie Crouch

Stefanie and Chip Crowe

Susan and David Crownover

Alexis Crutchfield '13

Anne and H.C. Crutchfield

Jessica and Paul Crutchfield

Cumberland Currents

Eve '82 and Don Currin

Melissa '85 and Michael Curtis

Sandy and Bill Cushman

Kathy Custer-Miller

Ann '64 and Howard Dahl

Betsy Dalgliesh '68

Angie Daly '78

Leah and Paul Daniel

Catharine Daniels '83 and David Lillard

Anne and Bob Dann

Anna '07 and Ben Daugherty

Leland Davenport '55

Judy Davidson

Michelle Davidson

Susan Davidson

Janet Davies '52

Allison and Robbie Davis

Cyd '77 and Neal Davis

D'Andrea Davis

Elizabeth Davis '92 and Mike Finger

Bess '10 and Barrett Davis

Lisa and Cary Davis

Laura Deakins '04

Victoria Dearman '12

Rose Decosimo

Lisa Deerman

Georgia Degregorio '55

Betty '61 and Frank Deigaard

Kitty '75 and Jim Delany

Jean '71 and Jim Dent

Laura Dickerson '05

Tennyson '76 and Tommy Dickinson

Faye and Jim Dickson

Beth '64 and Lawrence Dicus

Elizabeth '92 and Mark Diedrich

Christie Dillard

Reed Dillard

Kaysi '90 and Chuck Dixon

Mary Anna '11 and Bill Djire

Lorna Dobson

Lindsey '05 and Doug Dodson

Jackie Dolin '63

Carla '81 and Ed Donahue

Julia '84 and Doug Dooley

Margaret '00 and Tillman Douglas

Amy '97 and Duncan Douglass

Bella Dowling '16

Raz '99 and Mike Dumitru

Sally and Whitney Durand

Jennifer '77 and Ray Durham

Tracie '80 and Dirk Durham

Natasha and Reed Durst

Faye Dwyer

Carol '63 and Rick Dynesius

Amber '95 and Spencer Dyson

Natalie and David Eastman

Elisabeth and Bobby Eaton

Laurie and Jason Eck

Frances Edwards '72

Sheri Egeli

Janna Eichelberger

Jane Eiselstein '21

Judy and Bill Eiselstein

Kylie Eiselstein '19

Martha and George Elder

Cay '60 and Jim Eldridge

Allison '98 and Douglas Elkins

Linda and Norman Elkins

Janelle and Tom Ellis

Joyce and Philip Ellis

Connelly '59 and Bill Ensign +

Barbara '67 and James Eustis

Emilie '79 and Keith Evans

Ashley '93 and Phil Evans

Sarah and Roc Evans

Allison Evatt '77 and Bob Allin

Betty Ewing

Anne Exum

Lisa and John Eyster

Elizabeth Farr

Connie Farrar '50

Katie Farrar '07

Marie Farrar and Mitch Baldree

Sarah Faulkner '03

Carole and G. W. Fauth

Stephanie and John Felker

Sharon and Jim Feltner

Rachel '13 and Danny Finch

Tracey and Scott Fleming

Jocelyn Flint

Ashlyn Flock

Ashley and Ricky Floyd

Taylor Floyd '18

Ann Flynt '60 +

Gloria '65 and Jim Fohrman

Adrienne '84 and Jim Foley

Alicia '91 and Darvin Foo

Joy and J.P. Ford

Hannah Forgani '14

Andrew Forman

Janice Fortune '58

Laura Foster

Kay Fox '99

Linda and David Fox

Golnar '86 and Zabih Fozi

Charlotte Freeman

Branan Freeman '91

Cody French

Paise and Tony Friddell

Christie and Kennedy Frierson

Shere and Julius Fritz

Whitney '97 and John Fuller

Marcia and William Fuqua

Katie Furlough '04

Helen and Scott Furr

Beth '79 and Kevin Gaffney

Ellie Gaffney '13

Amy '95 and Sean Gailey

Koren Gaines '88 and Herb Hoover

Nicole and Jim Gaines

Cheryl and Joe Galloway

Silpa Gangavarapu '01

Kathy '80 and Ellis Gardner

Sally '51 and John Garland

Julie Garner '80

Abby Garrison

Wendey Gatewood

Georgia Health Foundation

Becky '95 and Ty Geren

Lisa '73 and Reid Gibson

Rosie Gibson '01

Melissa and Eric Gibson

Kim Gilbreath

Lora Beth '68 and Ken Gilbreath

Carla '65 and Jim Giles

Katherine Giles '96

Leoma Gilley '68


Darcy '94 and Robert Glasgow

Patrice '88 and Will Glass

Debbie Glasscock

Karin Glendenning '63

Faye and Arnold Godwin

Leah Golden

Cathey Goodgame '87

C.C. Gordon '08

Jenise Gordon

Andrea Gould

Ashley Grant '21

Brenda and Steven Grant

Liz '83 and Frank Grant

Joyce and Wayne Grant

Megan Grant '05 and Fletcher Hodnett

Paulette '59 and Calvin Grant

Anna '78 and Kurt Graunke

Julianne '10 and David Gray

Greater Horizons

Martha Greene '55

Stacy Greenwood

Danielle and Jack Greer

Lisa '85 and Scott Greer

Arya '06 and Charlie Gregory

Laura Gregory

Elizabeth '04 and Kennedy Griffin

Julie '04 and Herrick Griffin

Lucy '86 and Mark Griffin

Woody Griffin '12

Skip Griffin

Marie Griffith '85 and Leigh Schmidt

Bitse '64 and Erick Griggs

Sue and Mark Groesbeck

Jeannine and Gary Grogg

Patti '50 and Clark Gross

Beverley and Frank Groves

Clare '79 and Eck Gruber

Brandon Guernsey

Jenny Marie '99 and Sam Gunn

Tia Guster '99

Rachelle '94 and Chris Haddock

Deborah and Bill Haisten

Marcie and Will Haisten

Hallie and John Haley

Wilma and Ken Hall

Deedee Halleck '57

Dorothy Hallman '68

Claudia '73 and Bill Haltom

Callie Hamilton

John Hammond

Sabrina Hammond

Pamela and Brian Hammonds

Clare Hamn '18

Clara and Mark Hampton

Kelli and Tyler Hand

Michael '54 and David Handley

Robyn Handschuh '06

Amanda Haney '01 and Josh Branum

Sharon and John Hanks

Ellen Kovacevich Hanna '70

Sadie Jean and Ray Hannah

Beth Hansard '64

Jessica and Andrew Hansen

Martha and Nic Hanzelik

Melody '72 and Andrew J. Hardesty

Phyllis Hardin '53

Tootsie '58 and Butch Harless

Sewell Harlin

Beth '98 and Scott Harper

Lea Harper

Joan Harrell '56

Brenda '69 and Richard Harris

Lyn Harris '79

Kathleen Harrison '08

Jamie and Steve Harrison

Lina '73 and Charles Hart

Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Janet '89 and Ricky Hartman

Kyoichi Haruta

Cathy and Jeff Harvey

Taylor Harvey '97

Holly '84 and Marc Harwell

Edith and William Hatcher

Lisa '88 and Thomas Hayes

Bryant Haynes

Amanda and Tommy Hayslett

Ben Hazlewood

Betty '63 and Lane Headrick

Headwaters Enterprises, Inc.

Mary Margaret '80 and David Heaton

Maggie Henderson '81

Jane and Henry Henegar

Ginny Henry '07

Jessica '94 and Anthony Hensley

Natalie '98 and David Henson

Anne Hereford '97

Heritage Funeral Home

Kerwin '71 and David Hetzler

Alice '93 and Robert Heywood

Sidney '63 and David Hickey

Laura Higbee '11

Abby Hill '07

Lilly Nelson Himrod

Amy '02 and Jim Hinds

Sarah '01 and Adam Hipp

Rae '71 and Bruce Hirsch

Mary Vassar and Frank Hitchings

May May Hitchings '13

Jessica Hobbs Bailey '65

Tatum Hodges

Carolyn and Weldon Holland

Carolyn Holland '66

Tiffany and Derek Holland

Rebecca and Virgil Hollingsworth

Paige and Steven Holt

Sallie Holt +

Patsy Hom

Shannon '90 and Greg Horridge

Betty Jo and Jim Horton

Natalie '09 and Kiefer Horyna

Colleen Houghton

Jo Ann and Cris House

Suzi and John House

Michal Howick '03

Suzie Howick

Denise and Rob Huang

Marilyn and Charles Hubbard

Sam '81 and Jimmy Hudson

Charlotte and Hugh Huffaker

Georgetta Hughes

Bucky Hughes '50

Kathleen Hunt

Channing '00 and Tyson Hurst

Kay Hutcherson '58

Leana Ibach

Katy '83 and Craig Ingvalson

Linda and Jack Ireland

Lisa '74 and David Irwin

Kristina Iskander '95 and Cory Pike

Hutton '10 and Pud Ivey

Allison '99 and Shelley Jackson

Babs '63 and Rob Jackson

Maggie '97 and Carlton Jackson

Nancy Jackson

Natalie and Allen Jackson

Kathy and Dan Jacobson

Molly '90 and John Jamieson

Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC

Hilda '81 and Marshall Jemison

Emily and David Jenkins

Katrina and Eric Jenkins

Kyoung-Hee and Gill Jeong

Jewish Endowment Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Johnson & Mulroony, PC

Ashley '96 and Drew Johnson

Cathryn Johnson '05

Debbie '59 and Jim Johnson

Kelly and Doug Johnson

Tammy and David Johnson

Alison '79 and Tripp Johnston

Nita and Jim Johnston

Gin Johnston '53

Laura and David Jones

Laurie and Scotty Jones

Peggy Jones '52

Tracey '91 and Paul Jullienne

Suzanne '99 and Marcus Junered

Sally and Tom Juntune

Ginger '77 and Jim Kachline

Shaby Kaderi and Topher Kersting

Joy '99 and Carson Kaeser

Suzanne Kalla '93

Caroline and Paul Kaplan

Jane '62 and Shelby Kaplan

Kaitlin '11 and Mitchell Kapoor

Cathie Kasch '72

Kelsey Keef '12

Chris Keith

Marcy and Robert Kelch

Margaret '08 and Karl Kell

Ellie Kellermann '62 and Nico Seargeo

Carolina Kelley '21

Merritt Kelley '22

Jill and Rob Kelly

Megan Kelso

Beth Kemp

Maria '97 and John Kemp

Lynn '77 and Alan Kendrick

Teresa and Tony Kennedy

Ashley '11 and William Kent

Kate Kerekes

Laura Keys '04

Pooja Khatri '94 and Neeraj Rao

Crystal Kile '85

Lynda and J.R. Kilgore

Candy and Johnny Killebrew

Roseanne and Larry Killen

Tina and Richard Kimball

Anne Kimzey '78

Liz '81 and Jimbo King

Lindsey and Stuart King

Suzanne and Edgar King

Meredith '00 and Drew Kinney

Martha and Jerry Kizer

Julie Kizer

Nancy '59 and Gerry Klein

Carolyn Kline '18

Katie Kline

Liz Klinefelter

Megan '09 and Brandon Knorr

Amy and Mitch Knox

Marty Kollmansperger '72

Kristina Kononova

Jamey Kraus

Sheryl and Jim Kreis

Bill Kropff

Heather and Robert Kulisek

Prabha and Sarma Kunda

Eleanor Kurita '09

Libby '12 and Jacob Kusiak

Anne Laird-Blanton '69 and Catharine Martin

Carrie '93 and Mike Lamb

Raegan Lamb '18

Ashley Lambert '07

Sande Lambert

Debbie Lampton

Caroline '14 and Eric Lan

Dana and Mike Lance

Rachael Land '12

Heather Landreth

Doranne and Buddy Lane

Holland Lanphier '90

Beth and Bryan LaRosa

Renee LaRosa

Mary and Ed Laughlin

Abigail and William Lavin

Tammy Lawrence

Kathy and Bob Lawson

Megan and Matt Lawson

Lisa '83 and Troy Layton

Rita Lazarus

Anne Leader Reasons '72 and Dick Reasons

Carol and Will Leatherman

Karie '71 and Shea Leatherman

Alan and Alison Lebovitz

Catherine '89 and Kevin Leckenby

Nancy Ledford

Allison '95 and Thomas Lee

Cindy and Less Lee

Kelly Lee '77

Winnie Lee '77

Deborah Lehigh

Yolie and Walter Leinberger

Emily Lester

Margaret Lester '06

M.J. and Howard Levine +

Susie LeVine '74

Mary Stewart '88 and Matt Lewis

Tory Lewis '10

Daisy and Esteban Lim

Tammy Limbaugh

Kestrel Linder

Jerri and Nathan Lindley

Cj '99 and Adam Lindsay

Leigh Linhoss

Carolyn and Gene Linn

Amanda '97 and Mark Litchford

Cindy Smith and Joe Locsin

Daninelle and Matt Loiodice

Casey Lee Lomber-Gordon

Kerri '98 and J. J. Lovegrove

Dotty '77 and Allen Lowe

Fannie Mae Loyd

Beth '94 and John Luehrs

Deanna and Jason Luna

Windy Lundy '65

Samantha and Matt Lunn

MF Luptowski

Aundrey and Joe Lusk

Joy '86 and Chip Lusk

Susan Lydon

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Lynskey

Rachel Lyons '07

Carolyn '63 and Bob MacColl

Lynne and Nate Macziewski

Henry Magnuson

Amy '92 and Shay Mahone

Claudia Mallchok

Parker Mallchok '12

Amelia Mann

Molly '12 and Chad Marcum

Lea Ann and Bob Marshall

Lyn '78 and Josh Marvil

Barbara and David Masoner

Morgan Massengale '20

Lindsay '05 and Jonathan Mauney

Cara '89 and Cleve May

Karen and Gary Maynard

Cheryl and Jim McAfee

Rebecca McAlear

Ann '62 and Russell McAllister

Cindy and Jeff McCall

Isabel '69 and John McCall

Jennifer and Joe McCall

Keith McCallie '93 and Kerrick Johnson

Ellen McCallie

Helen McCallie '67

Tresa and Franklin McCallie

Jordan McCarter '96 and Keith Becklin

Susan McCarter

Lili Anne McClanahan '17

Jennifer and Scott McClelland

Mary and Quentin McClure

John McCorkle

Faith McCormick '99

Sharon and Matt McCorvie

Martha McCravey '67

Deranda McDade '77

Toni '63 and Jack McGauley

George McGee

Merrell and Wilson McGinness

Tara '63 and Joseph McGinness

Emmy '57 and Travis McGowin

Betsy '65 and Robert McGroarty

Maura McKenna '94

Suzy McKenna

Anne McKinley '76

Malcolm McKinsey

Caroline '72 and Hollis McLoughlin

Larkin '99 and Richard McMillan

Cindy '82 and Bill Meadows

Michele and Owen Megahee

Courtney Meissner '08

Jennifer and Aaron Melda

Teddi Mendel '55

Vickie and Rick Michaels

Amanda Michaud '18

Sally '86 and Andy Michaud

Jessica and Chad Middlebrooks

Janet Milanesi

Elaine and Tory Milazzo

Rosy '69 and Jim Milburn

Kristyn Miller Clark

Bonnie and Jim Miller

Heather '09 and Ryan Miller

Ginger Milligan '65

Angela '87 and Tim Mills

Wendy '90 and Perry Mills

Bonnie '79 and John Mims

Margaret Ann '94 and Brendan Minihan

Alyssa Misner '00

Jane and Patrick Mitchell

Mary Alice '06 and Oliver Mitchell

Ben Mizell

Jackie '69 and Ralph Mohney

Carolina and Patrick Molloy

Lindsey Monen '94

Mike Monette

Erin Montero Rangno and James Rangno

Mary Helen '05 and Heath Montgomery

Becky Montgomery '86

Denise and Jamie Moody

Dalton '88 and Doug Mook

Katie Mooney '77

Diane and Fred Moore

Elizabeth '80 and Chris Moore

Lela Moore '94

Sarah Moore '97

Debbe '72 and Charles Moredock

Ann Hodge Morgan '81

Connie Morris

Emma Morris '16

Wendy and Bob Morris

Janet Morrison '50

Caroline '80 and Hugh Morrow

Betsy '86 and Pete Morse

Katie '72 and Don Morton

Deanne '80 and Dan Mott

Cate '83 and Dan Mueller

Ann '72 and Joseph Mullins

Tara '87 and Bill Murdock

Betty '60 and John Murphy

Martha Murtiashaw

Mutual of Omaha

Elizabeth Dobson Myers '92

Kim Myers

Toby Myers

Whitney '03 and Brandon Nall

Bud Nance

Melissa and Jim Nati

National Christian Foundation

Betty Anne and Charles Neal

Meredith Neal '05

Olivia Neall

Sharon '72 and Park Neff

Donna and James Nelson

Georgia Nelson

Tigris Nevans '16

New York Life


Beth and Alan Nichols

Melissa and Wesley Nimon

Debra and Gary Noblitt

Brandon Noel

Ellie '05 and Field Norris

Dean '71 and Larry North

Melanie Northcutt

Jacque and Jim Nygaard

Julie '90 and Afzal Nymann

Caitlin O'Brien '19

Kathleen and James O'Brien

Alice and Dick O'Ferrall +

Gail '78 and Jim O'Toole

Angela Oberschmidt

Andrea and Randy Odle

Charlotte and Todd Olson

Becca '77 and Richard Ott

Katie and Alan Outlaw

Natalie '02 and Blake Owen

Lynn '65 and Pat Owings

Kristin and Chris Ownby

Mary Hadley '94 and Mike Ozburn

Kathleen and Kirk Pacenti

Dottie Paden

Amy '04 and Benny Padilla

Kate Palmer '94

Kris Palmquist '64

Gwen and Bernard Parham

Lee Parham

Judy '62 and Jerry Parichy

Sydni '03 and Ryan Paris

Christy Park '87 and Christopher Aikens

V. Parker

Millie Parkes '93

Beverly '58 and David Parkman

Eva and Dale Parks

Janet Parks '60

Jessica Parks '71 and Ed Swindell

Michal and Bob Parsley

Dedra and Lamar Partridge

Jenita Partridge '05

Charlotte '62 and Tom Patrick

Charlotte and Jay Paty

Connie and Trey Paty

Sarah Anne Patz '72 and Howard Nathanson

Martha Jane '53 and Moses Payne

Emily Paynter '09

Carolyn Pearigen '10

Phoebe and Rob Pearigen

Robin '83 and Scott Pearson

Loretta and Ralph Pedigo

Trisha and Mike Peek

Meredith Pelster '05

Amanda '03 and Brad Peper

Amy Perkins '02 and Will Shelly

Carolene and Alden Perry

Jenny '92 and Sam Perry

Winkie Persinger '51

Marshall Persinger '77

Ashleigh Peterson '94

Charla and Ed Peterson

Greg Petree

Allison and Jeremy Pettus

Gwen and Ricky Pettus

Bonnie and George Pettway

Jackie and Andrew Phelps

Deb and Charlie Phillips

Izzy Phillips '14

Kristin '07 and Houston Phillips

Whitney '05 and Charles Phillips

Mary Phou and Vi Sanouvong

Elvia and Nino Piccolo

Jared Pienkos

Carolyn Pierce

Laura '85 and Todd Pierce

Rickie and Charles Pierce

Jill Pieritz '97

Gail and Frank Pinchak

Lisa Pinckney

Jo and John Pine

Melydia Clewell and Neal Pinkston

Amy Piper

Claudia '99 and Robert Polancich

Heather and Jaime Ponce

Tara and Chris Poole

Courtney '01 and Bob Poore

Becky '87 and Brad Pope

Laura and Bejan Poureshmenantalemy

Adrienne Powell '86

Heather and Keith Powell

Joe Powers

Debra Prescott

Julie and Kyle Prescott

Pansy '93 and Robert Price

Robin and Gary Priest

Mary '68 and Mac Priestley

Stephanie Prigoff

Jane Pritchard '84 and Billy Pritchard

Lynda and Tony Pritchett

Public House Chattanooga

Upshur Puckette '53

Marzi Radpour-Wiley '88 and Ben Wiley

Nancy and Al Raffo

Julia Ramsey-Tharp '05 and Andrew Tharp

Elizabeth '02 and Jw Randolph

Carlin Rankin '47 and Alfred Morgan

Martha Ransom

Wendy and Jonathon Ransom

Nancy Ratliff '48

Deedee '60 and Jim Raulston

Donna and Dennis Read

Michelyn and Drew Read

Jane '78 and Ken Reeb

Joan '54 and Alexander Reed

Virginia '63 and John Reed

Sally Reeve '52

Gay Reilly '80

Helene Reisman '66

Martha '82 and Jim Reisner

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Robert Renfro

Elizabeth and Irv Resnick

Meghan and Brad Respess

Lisa and Michael Revenig

Melissa '87 and David Rewolinski

Brooke and Lentz Reynolds

Courtney and Chris Reynolds

Lynn '57 and Bob Reynolds +

Adrienne '50 and Buddy Rhodes +

Jeff Rhodes

Patricia and Richard Rice

Lawren Richards '85

Jean '59 and Joe Richardson

Katy Richardson '13

Kelly Richardson '90 and Ray Tabibiazar

Kristy Richardson

Muffy Richardson '59

Sarah and Duke Richey

Caitlin Riddle

Bo Ridgely

Terri Rieth and Mark Brouillard

Yoly Ripepi and Mario Davila

Janice and Buckley Robbins

Marty '71 and Larry Roberts

Susan '80 and Micky Roberts

Suzan '73 and Dana Robinette

Kathleen and Fred Robinson

Marty and Curt Robinson

Tura and Bill Robinson

Virginia and Robert Rodgers

Rodizio Grill at Hamilton Place

Claudia Rodriguez Mandujano and Oscar Narvaez Luna

Ali and Chad Roedder

Gwen and Billy Roedder

Roess Family

Judy and Gerry Rogers

Katherine '98 and Greg Rollins

Renee Romero

Becky '69 and Rory Roniger

Mary '84 and Terry Roseman

Sally '56 and Arthur Rosenberg

April and Adam Ross

Heather '92 and Erik Ross

Callie Roth '05

Barbara '64 and Mason Rowe

Barbaranelle and Chris Rowe

Virginia Rowe

Mary Jane '76 and Trey Ruch

Lori '87 and Joel Ruderman

Fran and Kit Rushing

Liz Russell '08

Jane '84 and Kayvon Sadrabadi

Amit Sagar

Kendra and Brian Salter

Lee Ann and Larry Samuels

Adam Sanders

Mindy and Brett Sanders

Emily and Chris Sanders

Stan Sanders

Jennifer '07 and Thomas Sanders

Keith Sanders

Meri-Madeline Sanders '27

Millie '99 and Adam Sanders

Nia Sanders '15

Robbie-Lauren Sanders and Anthony Boon

Scottie Sandlin '17

Carolyn Sandlin '64

Julia and Keith Sanford

Casey '08 and Stephen Santos

Andy Sarjant

Stacy '01 and Andrew Sartoris

Scenic City Orthodontics

Britt Schaffeld

Laura Scherzer '64

Sharon Schier

Faye and Louie Schmidlin

Angel '00 and Todd Schrader

Betty Schroeder '65

Emily '01 and Dan Schultz

Katie and Rick Schumacher

Regina '93 and Andy Schwall

Elwynn Schwartz

Ashley '84 and Bob Scoggins

Vicki '70 and Mike Scoggins

Ruth and Jim Scotchie

Mary '76 and Andy Scott

Erin Segroves

Kara '84 and Marc Serrano

Jackie Sewell '10

Andrea '62 and Merrill Sexton

Betsy '53 and Happy Shadden

Anne '87 and Daniel Shamanski

Lisa '83 and Dan Shanahan

Virginia Anne '77 and Hugh Sharber

Naina Sharma and Manvesh Sinha

Becky and Todd Sharp

Helen Sharp '64

Lindsey and Steven Sharpe

Saundra and Larry Sharpe

Brandi '07 and Matt Sheely

Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts

Judy Sherman '60 and Geoffrey Brown

Tyler '07 and Keith Sherman

Libba '67 and Terry Shumard

Dodd and Ross Shumate

Maggie '99 and Patrick Shutters

Jennifer '01 and Chad Sikes

Betsy '63 and Toby Silberman

Chadarryl '12 and Maria Silguero-Clay

Priscilla Simms-Roberson '00

Tiffany Simms '03

Cody Simpson '05 and Bryan Sy

Angel Sims '16

Melissa '04 and Edgar Sindler

Erin '98 and Dr. Jay Sizemore

Haley '07 and Zach Skipper

Amy '89 and Joseph Sklansky

Bilda Small

Betsy '77 and Zack Smalley

Sally '61 and Pat Smartt

Betsy Smith '68

Jenni and Mark Smith

Katie and Paul Smith

Kim and Mike Smith

Leah '96 and Fletcher Smith

Lisa Smith

Lisa '77 and Daniel Smith

Mary Elizabeth '71 and Reggie Smith

Lauren Smith '03

Stephanie and Ben Smith

Ginger '63 and Britt Snider

Virginia '09 and Jake Snipes

Lisa and Sam Snow

Susan '69 and Tom Snow

Becky '62 and Ray Soileau

Michele '87 and Brad Sorensen

Sarah Southern '99

Bonnie Spangler Strauss '60 and Charles Strauss

Debbie and Rickey Sparks

Starlet '59 and Fred Speakman

Peg Spicknall

Donna Spiegel '91

Leslie Spiegel '89

Kristi Springfield

Susan '61 and Bill Spurgeon

Lisa '87 and David Stalsworth

Sherry and Archie Stamey

Jessica '08 and Tony Stanfield

Mary '87 and Jack Stansbury

Leslie '77 and Patrick Stanton

Sonya Steele

Laura Stephens-Reed '95 and Matt Reed

Sonya Stephens

Vicki and Steve Sterchi

Tracey and Greg Stevens

Bess and Bill Steverson

Tamara Steward '98

Gregg and Amber Still

Margaret and James Stinson

Hollie and Johnny Stockman

Luci '82 and Robert Stone

Brenda and Lynn Story

Lee '02 and Charlie Stout

Leeann and Marshall Stout

Adrien Strickland

Nicole and Jason Striker

Laurie Stuckey

Shea '02 and Ted Sullivan

Mary Sumrall

Lisa '03 and Peter Surprenant

Steve Swafford

Tanya and Steve Swann

Lauren '09 and Isaiah Swanson

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

India '13 and Alfred Taliaferro

Wendy '60 and Ed Taliaferro

Katie Talley

Shelley and Chris Talton

Susan Tanner

Alisan '79 and Jamie Taylor

Katie '03 and Kenny Taylor

Hadley Taylor

Kate Tew '03

Stephanie and Chris Thacker

Amy '84 and Tommy Thatcher

The Dixie Group, Inc.

The Dowd Foundation

Caroline Thomas '10

Taylor Thomas '14

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thomas

Megan Thomas '02 and Stuart Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Thomas

Charlotte '62 and John Thomason

Carolyn Thompson '61

Linda Thompson '64 and Jimmy Robertson

Margaret '72 and Jim Thompson

Melinda and Bill Thompson

Mary '61 and Robert Thornberry

Barbie '80 and David Timms

Katie '03 and Taylor Tipton

Judith and Robert Tobias

Tracy and Craig Tobias

Marla and Adam Tolar

Nancy and Tom Tolar

Ryn '11 and Drew Tompkins

Totto Sushi and Grill

Emily Tousek '01

Christie and Tony Towns

Pat and Don Towns

Peggy '81 and Stan Townsend

Camille '07 and Josh Trahan

Transformational Psychotherapy

Ashley Trantham '07

Emmie '97 and Ty Treadwell

Lynn '60 and Tom Trowbridge

Patrika '92 and Robert Tsai


Louise '69 and Blanchard Tual

Trey Tucker

Kipton '92 and Kevin Tugman

Betsy '57 and Charlie Tuller

Juanita and Ted Tumelaire

Anna '97 and Lloyd Turley

Christopher Twombley

Patti '66 and Mike Underwood

Patti and David Unruh

Unveiled Bridal Studio LLC

Margaret '92 and Daniel UpDyke

Leah Utset '07

Abby and Paul Van Alstyne

Michele Van Cleave

Beth '82 and Schaack Van Deusen

Charlotte Vance '19

Mimi Vance '17

Tamara '82 and Rob Vance

Judy Varnell

Jane '77 and Chris Varnell

Ginger and Jim Vaughn

Verizon Foundation

Anita and Robert Vetter +

Debby Vetter

Shelley '76 and Glen Vey

Emma and Joe Veys

Leeanne and Bob Viall

Marcia '81 and Harry Vildibill

Nishani and Vinod Vincent

Virginia Milligan Family Foundation

Betty and Richard Vise

Caroline von Kessler

Nat '78 and Kirk von Seelen

Lindsey '07 and Trevor VonCannon

Mark Vosskamp

Bea and Ron Wade

Emily Wade '10

Diane Walker

Mary '80 and David Walker

Paige '95 and Stephen Wallace

Ann '68 + and Rudy Walldorf

Auburn and Zach Walley

Barbara and Challen Walling

Betsy '87 and Greg Wallis

Cindy Walther '86

Ann Walton '96

Lisa '89 and Chad Wamack

Lily Wang '89 and David Yuill

Barbara and Keeling Warburton

Gwen and Mike Ward

Cinty and Daniel Ward

Barbara Warner

Ashley Warren '02

Kristen Warren '13

Katie and Bill Warren

Phoebe Warren '17

Katie Warwick

April Watson '91

Cathy and Bill Watson

Patricia and Billy Watson

Kristin and Jay Watts

Elisabeth '65 and Richard Waugaman


Jean '65 and James Weatherford

Augusta '98 and Adam Webb

Sandra '55 and Lewis Weeks

Kirsten Weeks '91

Sandy Weigand '87 and Jeff Weigand

Ernest Weill

Pamela and Paul Weinhold

Libby Welborn '18

Gail and Ron Welch

Elder '63 and Stan Wellborn

Gina Wells

Julie West Hammond '85 and Robby Hammond

Amanda Wheelock '09

Melissa and Ross Whitaker

Mary White '43

Bill and Peggy White

Noelle Whitestone

Jill '99 and Lewis Whitfield

Melissa and Jeremy Whitmire

Debby and John Whittington

Katy '05 and Reid Whittle

Paige Wichman '89 and Marc Mayes

Julie Wiedmer

Laura '87 and Jamie Wilhoite

Marcie and Arthur Williams

Barbara '93 and Steve Williams

Caroline and Nelson Williams

Linda Williams

Nancy Williams

Sherred '67 and Fred Williams

Lauren Williamson '10

Vicki and Ivey Williamson

Deanna and Mike Willingham

Beth Willocks

Amanda and David Wills

Virginia and Glenn Wilson

Dailey Wilson '05

Nicki Wilson

Suzanne and David Winchester

Patrick Winecoff

Beth '99 and Joseph Wingfield

Lillie '13 and Eric Wolf

Shane and Sara Wood

Sheri '67 and Bob Wood

Christy Woodard

John and Jan Woods

Joyce and Roger Woodward

Anne Woodworth '80

Ann '51 and John Woody

Meg '91 and Scott Word

Nina Worsham '11

Emily '46 and James Wright

Haven Wright '07

Jan and Scott Wright

Jenny '97 and John Wright

Lee Wright

Lindsay '01 and Mark Wyatt

Renuka and Ashok Yadav

Jordan '99 and John Yarbrough

Ellen Yellin '71

Erin Yon '72 and Lon Glover

Tim Yother

Anne Miller '15 and Wes Young

Melissa Youngblood

Diane Yu

John Yun

Kerry Yun '96

Ann '72 and H. Yungmeyer

Ann '82 and Bill Zack

Laurel '90 and Frank Zahrobsky

Zaya 1943 Korean Steakhouse

Aleeta and Chris Zeller

Alyssa Zellner '13

Elaine and Jason Ziegler

Sylvia Zuckerman '45

+ deceased

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