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Torch Club

The Torch Club was established for donors who gave $10,000 or more to the Annual Impact Fund in honor of our 10th Head of School, Megan D. Cover. 

Anonymous (4)

Corinne '69 and Jeff Adams

David Anderson

Gregory Anderson

Amy and Ted Arrowsmith

Kerri '75 and Richard Bartlett

Anne '78 and George Bright

Susan '63 and Mike Brooks

Bailey '06 and Jonathon Bullard

Laura '03 and Andy Calloway

Laurel Carney '79 and Dave Cameron

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga

Christine '09 and Jac Cooper

Megan and Ted Cover

Ashley '97 and Ward Davenport

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ali and Chris Gant

Aimee '93 and Brad Harvey

Terri and Craig Holley

Margaret Jan '87 and Alex Chi

Jane and Lowry Kline

Jennifer and Will Kline

Butch and Olan Mills

Andrea Nosbusch '00

Mufti Phillips

Cathy and Scott Pierce

Marcy Porter

Chris '72 and Trip Smith

Gloria '72 and Randy Smith

Becca Stimson '73 and Tom Jenkins

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program

Amy and Jamie Thomas

Ellis '05 and Stephen Thomas

Jan and Ben Vance

Dori '99 and Blake Waller

Debbie and David Watson

Lara and Austin Watson

Clay Watson

Karen and Miller Welborn

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